Aeration and Thatch Removal

Aeration and Thatch Removal in Springfield, MA

An important part of lawn maintenance is aeration and dethatching. The temperature in Springfield, MA changes according to the seasons. In the spring, it could get pretty warm, humid, and rainy, while in the fall, it is cool and rainy. Both temperatures of seasons can play a significant role in how the lawn flourish for the rest of the year. Many of our clients ask for aeration and dethatching in the spring after the grass has thawed out. Doing so will promote better grass and plant growth for the rest of the year.

While some of our clients ask for this process in the fall to prep for the winter. They often ask for overseeding with this process as it helps promote more grass after the winter. At Springfield Lawn Care, we stress the importance of lawn care as it creates the setting of your property. When given the call, our team will walk you through every step of the process. No matter the time of year, we will always be prepared to offer assistance in lawn maintenance. 

Thatch Removal

The spring and fall seasons are sometimes humid and rainy, causing the soil to be damp and dense. If you notice layers of straws and compacted soil, it may be thatch. Thatch formed by overgrown grass, excessive watering, humid environments, and lack of air circulation is other factors. The layering of straws makes it difficult for the grass to grow as it is restricting roots from absorbing water and nutrients. We recommended removing as much thatch as you can by raking it out deeply. If your thatch is 3/4 thick, we strongly encourage you to call our lawn care professional to solve this problem. We will use a dethatching machine or vertical mower to remove excess thatch. We encourage assistance in dethatching as removing thick roof layers without prior knowledge or caution can leave the roots exposed, and dying. 

Manual Aeration

lawn aeration

The humid and rainy weather can cause the soil to thicken, impacting the growth of grass as it restricts proper nutrient absorption. What many don’t realize is that, when walking on lawns, it also condenses the soil. Aeration is the best way to allow air circulation into the soil, allowing easier fertilizer and water penetration. You can easily do this by manually puncturing holes into the soil. It is advised to spike the soil in the early spring or fall as it helps promote the best growth in the next two seasons. Manual aeration only works on a superficial level, therefore, we suggest you consider core aeration. 

Core Aeration

core aeration

If you feel that your lawn requires deeper maintenance due to the layers of soil or having a large yard, we recommend core aeration. This is the process of mechanically spiking a large land of soil with a lawn aerator machine. The equipment will pull multiple plugs of the grass and spiking the soil. The “plugs” are averagely 2 inches deep. Core aeration could be beneficial if you are facing a mossy lawn and plants. Moss plants grow in lawns when there is a lot of moisture in the compacted soil. 

Together, thatch removal and aeration are the perfect combinations to give a breather for your precious plants and grass. You can trust us to handle even the thickest soil and layers of thatch because as a lawn care company in Springfield MA, we have seen it all! Our family of teams is certified and experienced in giving you the best lawn maintenance service. We have a great lawn care reputation as we provide valuable information to ensure our clients pick the best options for their grass and plants. If you feel that you are in need of lawn aeration or dethatching services, contact us .