Lawn Disease Control

Lawn Disease Control in Springfield MA

No matter how healthy your grasses are, getting diseases are not always preventable. Generally, lawn diseases are caused by fungi that are feeding on the grass. However, there are other factors as to why your grass is diseased as well: Your grass is in the presence of disease-causing microorganisms, your grass is prone to a particular disease or your lawn is a favorable environment for the pathogen to grow. If you are concerned that your grass is unrecoverable, think again! As a lawn care company, we have battled even the toughest lawn diseases! However, we have the equipment, experience, and resilience to heal your grass. 

Signs of Lawn Disease

lawn disease control

Often it is difficult to catch the growth of diseases until they have spread past a quarter of your yard! It could be difficult to identify whether you have a lawn disease. The signs are mainly discoloration of tinted yellow or brown. However, even when identifying the signs, many people are mistaken as to whether or not the poor condition of their lawn is caused by drastic changes in temperature, lack of watering, or insect infestation. Call Springfield Lawn Care for a lawn assessment so that we can properly address the issue. The first step to treating lawn disease is to identify the type. Massachusetts is located in the north, therefore, some diseases are relevant in this region more than others. Our company has faced many types of common grass conditions: Brown Patch, Fairy Ring, Snow mold, Leaf spots, Red Threads, Mildew, and even more! With our years of experience, you can rest assured that your lawn will be growing green and strong, 

Lawn Disease Treatment

lawn disease control

After the identification of the lawn condition, we will recommend the perfect treatments to solve your issue. We recommend tackling the problem as soon as you see the signs, but as we mentioned before, many don’t realize that they have lawn disease until a large portion of their grass is discolored. Some weather-based diseases such as red thread or snow mold naturally disappear on its own, therefore, no further treatment is needed. If any other lawn care providers say otherwise, we advise you to take the matter into your own hands and make the decision on your own. At Springfield Lawn Care, we value giving transparent information so that our clients can be properly informed about their lawn health without paying unnecessary expenses. If you feel the need to ask for a second-hand opinion, feel free to contact us! 

No matter the type of lawn disease, we recommend calling for professional guidance to ensure what steps to take to care for your lawn. We advise calling for help as other types of lawn diseases such as Fairy Rings or Powdery Mildew can cause permanent damage to the lawn. With aggressive types of diseases, in most cases, our team uses an antifungal product to kill the fungus on your grass. We choose specific types of antifungal products that are made for your type of grass and the fungus it has. Our company is very cautious in choosing the right products to prevent the risk of killing your healthy grass. An antifungal product will prevent the regrowth of fungus and diseases. Due to the hard acting chemicals, in some cases, your lawn will need to be reseeded. 

We Are The Best For The Job!

As a Springfield Lawn Care company, we are very determined in our work of maintaining grass health. We understand the frustration of tackling these pesky fungi. Throughout the long process, we will talk to you every step of the way so that you can make the best decisions for your lawn. We offer a variety of options that have their unique benefits and results. Whenever you are in need of lawn disease treatment services, contact us at, or fill out our form! We offer treatments in the 40-mile radius of Springfield Massachusetts valley.