Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Fertilization in Springfield, MA

Just like humans, grass also needs food and treatments here or there to grow vibrant and healthy. When you add nutrients to the soil, it will nourish the grass. Naturally, the soil can grow and care for the grass on its own. However, when mowing the lawn, the grass will grow back needing even more nutrients. You can easily enrich plants with a handheld spray bottle fertilizer, but it is not practical for a large plot of land. We offer a variety of ways to distribute fertilizer as well as types of fertilizer to use. When you give us a call, we can help run through the options of how you want to grow your lawn!

Fertilizer Spreaders Options:

  • Broadcast or rotary spreader: Used for big lawns that need a wide distribution of fertilizer. 
  • Drop spreader: Perfect for controlled fertilizer distribution. It costs more than other spreaders but does an amazing job of covering a typical suburban lawn. 
  • Handheld broadcast spreader: This method works well for smaller sized lawns. You walk around and rotate the sides to scatter the fertilizer.
  • Handheld battery-operated spreader: This is great for small yards or areas that are more difficult to fertilize with a normal spreader. 

We Treat Every Lawn Differently!

lawn fertilization

What makes us unique to other lawn care companies in Springfield MA is that we know different techniques that can transform your lawn! We do not simply just scatter anything to the grass and hand you a bill! We handle every case differently. Our team is always prepared to design a custom routine that will work best with your lawn. One of our favorite techniques is grasscycling, which is when we clip your grass and let it sit on your lawn as its own fertilizer. This can provide about a quarter of your lawn fertilizer needs. The grass itself contains nitrogen, which is the most important element for any fertilizer. This process is one of the most eco-friendly and cost-effective. We have many other options for lawn maintenance, give us a call so that we can create a routine perfect for your grass. 

Types Of Fertilizer 


Within all the intimidating bags of fertilizer, you see in the garden section, they all have the same elements: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Nitrogen promotes the bright green color of grass through boosting the production of chlorophyll in photosynthesis. Phosphorus promotes growth in roots and stems. Lastly, potassium gives your lawn resistance to drought and diseases. All 3 combine is the perfect combo for the healthiest plants.

Our company focuses on the best quality of fertilizer for your grass and plants.

We use fertilizers with the most percentage of nitrogen as it does the most in promoting healthy grass. However, with every lawn job, we treat it on a case to case basis. Our team uses products that benefit specifically to its needs. As we mentioned before, grasscycling is a good trick that we enjoy recommending to our clients as it gives a boost of nitrogen without the high expense. 

  • Time-release fertilizer: Perfect way to feed grass for many months without doing it daily.
  • Gradual release: This allows the roots to absorb the nutrients slowly, without having the essentials sucked into the soil

Forms Of Fertilizer

  • Granular fertilizers: Usually is time-release. They are popular due to their easy application.
  • Liquid fertilizers: Are usually spread using a hose. This is a quick effective way to introduce nutrients rapidly to the grassroots. This is also good to use on hard to reach areas. 

If you are in need of our expertise, do not hesitate to reach out to us at . At Springfield MA, we are a family of plant lovers who would love to give guidance. We are flexible in discussing lawn maintenance at your convenience.