Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance In Springfield, MA

It is important to give your grass the proper care to allow it to grow thick and strong all year round (except for the winter of course!) The main idea of lawn maintenance is to make sure to trim the grass by mowing the lawn, feed it with nutrients, treat it for weeds and insects, and apply seeds to allow growth in areas that are sparse! 

However, there is not a one size fits all routine for lawn maintenance. As the Springfield MA temperature changes every season, so does the preservation process for grass and plants. At Springfield Lawn Care company, we always encourage to call for professional assistance in regards to maintaining the health of the grass. We are passionate about taking care of grass and plants, therefore, we will walk you through the steps we take to lawn care when you give us a call!

Seasonal Lawn Maintenance

Spring Lawn Care

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Spring clean up is a well-known ritual that is practiced after the freezing winter. Part of this practice is taking care of your lawn so that it can maintain its vibrant appearance. The first step we’d take is to clean up by raking out dead grass and weeds that were grown, as well as clearing out sticks. Next, we will mow the lawn at the highest setting to allow the grass to grow thicker. This helps push out the weeds, making it easier to extract. The third step is to spread fertilizer, killing nutrient sucking, and giving nourishment to the lawn. This entire process will promote grass growth. Lastly, spots treat weeds with weed killer to prevent grass growth disruption. Sometimes, when the soil is too damp and it may need aeration to allow air circulation, and for fertilizer to fully penetrate it. The extra soil dampness occurs during humid spring. You can call us for core aeration to swiftly do this process. 

Summer Lawn Care

Summer is considered the most popular season to relax and a great time to give your lawn extra appreciation! What better way to start off the season than mowing the lawn at the highest setting. This process allows a clean cut while reducing the amount of moisture lost. The hot weather could be discomforting for some people, however, it is the best time for grubs to move in and eat into the grassroots. You might realize you have a grub infestation when you see dead patches in random spots of the yard. We will assess this issue prior to preparing for further treatment. To solve this issue, we will use grub control treatment to kill the little critters. Lastly, our team will water and feed the cross with lawn food.

Warm and cool seasons benefit the most from summer lawn maintenance so it is crucial to give enough attention to them when the time comes.

Fall Lawn Care

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Fall is popular for its colorful falling leaves and chilly weather. The cool temperature is the best for growing and fertilization. Adding fertilizer in the fall is beneficial as it strengthens the plant’s root and prevents weeds and is resistant to drought for the rest of the year. This also helps the grass to grow strong and colorful after the gray winter. The cool season is the most beneficial time to thicken the lawn by applying more seeds. During this time we will also cut the leaves with a lawnmower, then use it as mulch. We’ll scatter the much around the lawn if desired. When decided, another option is to simply vacuum or rake the leaves to the side and let it decompose. Lastly, we will mow the grass short to prevent leaves from sticking to the lawn or prevent the growth of snow mold.

Winter Lawn Care

Winter is ironically one of the coziest weather due to the need for layering and warming up. Luckily, the cold season is simply the time to relax and plan out your next seasonal lawn maintenance plans. 

We want to disclaim that although we are providing the guide to maintaining a healthy lawn, we advise you to call us for detailed assistance. Our company cares about the health and appearance of your grass. We are certified and resourceful in giving you the best lawn care experience and results. With years in the lawn care industry, we have gained a long-range of equipment to give you the optimum lawn care services. 

Feel free to reach out to us. We offer our services in Massachusetts cities: Westfield, Southampton, Easthampton, Westhampton, Chicopee, Holyoke, Wilbraham, and even more!