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Pest Control in Springfield Lawn Care

At Springfield Lawn Care, we see pests the same way as to weed. They are unwanted critters that show up eating and leaching nutrients from plants. The only difference is that they could bite back at you! It is natural for bugs to live on your lawn as it enjoys the healthy green grass as much as you do. Therefore, there’s nothing to worry about as they don’t do much damage to it. However, in rare cases, these critters can destroy your lawn! As a lawn maintenance company, we handle all kinds of tough circumstances. Whether it is a weed, diseased grass, or even annoying insect infestation. 

How To Identify Lawn Insect Infestation?

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There are some common signs of insect infestation that you should look out for: brown spots, dead grass patches, bite marks on grass, and of course, bugs on the grass. Some signs that you should also consider are underground pest damage such as thin or missing roots and small holes in the soil. However, all bugs are different and each has its own signature of leaving a mark! For example, some signs of white grubs are wilted grass blades and dead turf patches. However, identifying the type of insects that are crawling through your grass isn’t easy as it seems. This is why we recommend calling a professional lawn pest control specialist, to inspect this issue. 

Why Should You Get Professional Pest Control?

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These bugs can be pretty hazardous depending on the type it is. The critter can easily cling onto your clothes and things, and breed in other places than your lawn. Getting professional pest control will allow a wide range of battling lawn-feeders. We can get rid of bugs in every spot of the land! Our company can protect your lawn healthy all year round by applying pest prevention. We have the experience and resources to make sure that nothing is impacting the health of these plants.

We understand that it could seem costly to pay for professional pest control, however, the online pest killing dish detergent and water mixture trick isn’t going to cut it! Getting your lawn properly assessed and taken care of prevents costly lawn damage in the long-term. Lawn maintenance is already costly, the last thing you need is to pay extra expenses to regain the grass back to health. 

How Can We Fix Your Critter Problem? 

Our team has solved many common insect infestations: White grubs, ants, mosquitos, ticks, worms, and even more! At Springfield Lawn care, we are specialized in understanding the grub cycle, as well as other cycles of bugs. We are confident in giving you the quality lawn care service that you deserve. Our first step to pest control is to assess the lawn and identify the little creatures that live behind the leaves and in the soil. Second, we take into account the type of plants and grass that your lawn has. Next, we make a blueprint of the types of treatments we use and how we can protect your precious plants at the same time.

At our company, we have a range of treatment options that can remove any kind of bugs. Our company treats insect infestation by spraying insecticide or certain bacteria. After processing the first treatment, we will give a quick call and check up on the progress. We will further apply more treatment when needed. 

We Are A Reliable Lawn Care Company!

If you search online, of course, there are ways to battle these pesky lawn bugs on your own. Also, you are putting yourself at risk when dealing with critters. They can easily cling onto you without you knowing it. Then when you get back into your house, the bug can make itself at home! Which is why we always recommend our clients to leave their insect infestation to us. With every pest control job, we suit up to protect ourselves, and we spray every inch of the yard to make sure no bugs are left standing (or flying!).

If you find yourself in a pest situation, call Springfield Lawn Care company to assess right away preventing future lawn damages. We offer pest inspections and lawn care in Massachusetts