Weed Control

Weed Control in Springfield, MA

It is the worst to have random plants pop up on your lawn, sucking up all the good nutrients and water from the surrounding grass. Weeds are you and your lawn’s worst enemy! As a Springfield Lawn Care company, we have all the equipment and resources to take down even the most stubborn plant! If you have weeds here or there around the lawn, you can consider the spot treating it. Your lawn can easily crowd out the weed on its own. However, if you notice that there’s a lot of weeds, it is a sign that your grass is weak and in need of extra attention. It is normal for weeds to grow in a healthy lawn, so the easiest option is to pull the weed. However, if you’re facing an invasion of weeds, you should call our professional lawn care providers to tackle this problem. 

We Are An Experienced Weed Control Company!

weed control

Our expert lawn care providers had years of experience in destroying these nutrient stealing plants! The first step we take to weed control is examining the type. There are many types of weeds that can roam the yard: Crabgrass, Dandelion, Nutsedge, Thistle, Quackgrass, and even more! We are not like other companies because we handle each job with precision and details! If you have a serious weed problem, we won’t sloppily pour a bunch of toxic chemicals on them and hope for the best. We create a blueprint of weed extraction depending on the type of weeds that you have.

Our team handles spots of weeds such as crabgrass by manually pulling them or spot treat using liquid weed control. However, some weeds such as dandelions, are more difficult to tackle because they have deeper roots to pull. Our top tip for manual weed pulling is to moist the soil prior to easier extraction. However, for weeds like dandelions or cloves, with attempting to pull them, they can easily grow back! The best way to combat weed is through prevention. 

Mini Lawn Care guide to Weed Prevention: 

  • Feeding your grass with plant food and giving fertilizer is the best way to grow your grass tall and strong. When your lawn becomes weak, it allows tough weeds to grow and ruin the surrounding grass.
  • Mowing your grass higher will make your grass grow thicker and taller, which creates shade on the soil. Just like regular plants, weeds thrive through sunlight.
  • Simply watering your lawn in a routine will promote strong roots, making it hard for weeds to grow. 
weed control

The guide to weed eventually is essentially a list of simple lawn maintenance! What many of us forget is that weed is a plant! They will grow in the environment that we create, so the only way to get rid of them is to make it hard for them to grow. Our company understands that sometimes, you are simply too busy to take care of your grass, which is understandable! You have other things to worry about. However, our job as a lawn care company is to take care of your lawn and plants!

We Provide Value!

Many of our clients become our long-term customers because we offer lots of value. We are honest about the process of our lawn care services and how they can save themselves money for future references. We are not only a business, but we are also friends! If you are in need of weed control services, call us

We are located in Springfield MA, however, we are flexible to travel to other locations within a 40-mile radius: Westfield, Southampton, Easthampton, Westhampton, Chicopee, Holyoke, Wilbraham, and even more!